Bookclub Questions
‘The Butterfly Room’

1. Family secrets are at the heart of ‘The Butterfly Room‘. Do you believe keeping secrets in order to protect someone is good, or do you believe the truth should be revealed no matter what?

2. Freddie and Posy’s love spans decades — do you believe in the concept of ‘the One’?

3. How difficult do you think it is to bring up a step-child whose mother has died – a situation Tammy faces in the book – and what do you see as the major obstacles?

4. Sam is sometimes violent and emotionally controlling towards Amy. Do you think it would be possible to love your child/partner/parent if they behaved as Sam did?

5. Posy tries to remain positive in the face of advancing years. How difficult is it to have a positive attitude as one ages when faced with the issues of health, financial security and family support?